Busting Ten Popular Health Myths

Created On : 11th November,2015    By : ADMIN
How often have you heard that you shouldn’t eat at night because it will make you fat? There are a number of popular ideas related to your health that are just not true. Here is a look at ten popular health myths and the truth about each.

Ways Your Phone Is Ruining Your Health

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You're hurting yourself more than you know...

12 Fat Blasting Foods

Created On : 24th June,2015    By : ADMIN
Curb Your Appetite And Start Shedding Weight Now!

Tricks To Achieve Fuller Lips Naturally

Created On : 12th June,2015    By : ADMIN
Put Your Wallet Away! You Can Do These At Home!

Make Your Faux Tan Fabulous!

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Achieve Your Sun Kissed Look Without The Sun!

How Often Should You Work Out?

Created On : 07th November,2014    By : ADMIN
When you're on a workout program, you may sometimes wonder if you're overtraining or not working out enough. Typically, if you're seeing gains in muscles definition and muscle mass, with a corresponding loss in weight, you're probably on the right track. But though there are government-prescribed numbers for how much exercise adults should get, the truth is, you have to tailor your workouts based on your fitness goals.

The Importance of Staying Hydrated During Your Workout

Created On : 07th November,2014    By : ADMIN
The human body is about 60% water. You knew that, but sometimes it's nice to be reminded that we're mostly liquid, with bones, ligaments, muscles and joints making us appear solid. You can be a five-star athlete, or just someone who wants to stay in shape, but without hydration of some sort, you will not maximize your workout. Dehydration is an issue when you exercise, because you lose a lot of fluid in a typical session. So to help you out, here are some things to know about proper hydration and exercise.

Smart Snacking: How To Keep Your Metabolism Burning All Day

Created On : 04th November,2014    By : ADMIN
Snacking gets a bad rap. It's probably because most people view snacking as stuffing their faces with chips, donuts and chocolate, what we call 'munchies,' which are loaded with sugar, salt and fat. But when you’re trying to stay healthy, you can still make smart snacking decisions that can keep your body burning calories even when you're not working out. Here are some smart foods that help your muscles grow, which also helps you burn calories and fires up your metabolism.